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=Import/Export: How to copy ID value from one (custom) field to another

With this command you can copy ID value for certain object type between two (custom) fields:

!dbcopyid table prefix1 prefix2

This command will copy id from prefix1 field to prefix2 field. To use this command, open your timetable file and go to menu - Options - Advanced. Then type the command into Advanced field.

Possible values for table:


For prefix1 or prefix2 you can use same value as in "idprefix:MyApp" database option. In that case, id is stored in custom field called "MyApp ID". You can also use some of these special codes:

%NAME - id is stored in name of object.
%SHORTNAME - id is stored in short name of object.
%NUMBER - id is stored in number field of object.


Copy short names of teachers to custom fields for MyApp.
!dbcopyid teachers %SHORTNAME MyApp

Copy custom fields "OtherApp" for students to number field of students:
!dbcopyid teachers OtherApp %NUMBER

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