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Electronic class register will allow your teachers to input curriculum and attendance.

Getting started is simple:

1. Create your Timetable Online web page.
How can I create my TimeTables online web page?

2. Upload your timetable.
How can I save my timetable to online storage

3. Publish your timetable.
This timetable will then serve as a base for your class register.
How can I publish the final timetable for students/parents

4. Verify the timetable
Verify timetable

5. Send passwords to teachers.
How can I send timetable to teachers

6. Optional: Add students
This is only necessary if you want to input attendance.
How can I add students to TimeTables Online

That's it, now your teachers can login start inputing data on PC/Mac/linux:

or on smartphone:

See also:
How can I use electronic class register? (teacher)

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