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How can I add students to TimeTables Online
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If you want to input attendance or if you want to send timetables to students, you need to input the students to Edupage. You can manage students in Edupage database with "Basic school data - Students":

or you can import them from Excel,CSV,TXT file:

Alternatively you can also input students in aSc Timetables, upload the timetable to Timetables Online and then transfer students with Verify function:
Verify timetable

Input students to aSc Timetables
Please check this topic on how to input students to aSc Timetables:
How can I add students

Students in groups
It is also helpful if you specify which students is in which group, in case you have lessons for groups, so that Timetables Online will know which students are on the divided lesson:

Select several students and right click in the corresponding column to assign the students to the group.

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