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What's new in version 2012
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First of all we would like to thank all the schools using the software for the ongoing trust and feedback we receive. The software is now used in over 150 countries at around 100,000 schools.

We are also glad that many schools are already actively using the TimeTables online feature we have added last year.

Since December it is possible to view TimeTables published on TimeTables online also on iPhones/Androids. It is also possible to input the daily plans/attendance directly from your smart phone.

This year the main changes are focused on the Substitution(Coverage) module, but there are new things in both Timetables and Timetables Online as well. So let’s start with Timetables:

What’s new in aSc TimeTables 2012

Faster classrooms assignment.
It was possible also before, but now there is direct way to specify that some rooms are used by certain subjects or teachers:
How can I specify teachers’ home classrooms?
How can I specify default (usual) classrooms for certain subject?

Afternoon lessons
It is possible to specify that some lessons can be in the afternoon, means they can be outside of the regular teaching block. This allows the software to put them in the positions that will create gaps for students, you can of course limit how long gaps do you tolerate.
How can I define lessons that can be outside teaching block(in the afternoon)?

TimeTable testing
Testing the timetable now supports also testing of individual students. So the test can now pinpoint if there are some fundamental problems with picks of certain student. The testing was also made faster in some cases.

The generator for the student based timetables was improved.
The student based generator works like before, but after it finishes it also automatically tries to improve the result after the generation.
We have also fixed problems that made the generation sometimes slower on some dualcore notebooks.

Lesson capacities
Lesson capacities and student counts can now be displayed on the cards, the software also shows visual warning in case you manually cross the capacity.
How can I display capacities and students counts on the cards?
What does the stripes on the cards mean?

Displaying courses
The default timetable view now can be changed by specifying your school type. For timetables based on student’s picks it can display all courses in one row, or courses in more rows one for each grade.
What happens when I change school type?

New card relationships
It is possible to specify for example that teacher shall not have more than 3 consecutive lessons, but he/she may have 2 doubles (4 in total) or that group of students must have certain teacher in elective subjects.

What’s new in aSc Substitutions 2012
User interface was redesigned
We liked the old interface for its simplicity, but it was now time to move on.

We believe the new interface will provide more smooth operation and still be familiar to all users who were already accustomed to the previous version.
Substitutions - Quick overview

Speed up for bigger schools
While most schools were not affected, there were certain issues that made the software slower in bigger schools. This has been addressed.

Adding a new lessons
It is now possible to create new lesson in the substitutions.
How can I create new lesson in Substitutions

Substitution based on the groups
It is now possible to specify that certain group is missing. Not just the whole class. The software also suggests transfers based on the groups now.
How to specify that Class/Group is missing the whole day

Lesson with multiple teachers/classrooms
If you have lessons with more teachers, it is now possible to specify exactly which teacher will be affected. In general it is still advised to have the lessons defined in the original timetable by the groups, but if you already have timetable with joined lessons, this will make things clearer.
Lessons with two teachers or two rooms

TimeTable assignment overview
New dialog now provides more detailed information about what timetable are you using on which day. You can change the days, weeks, terms here easily. So if your timetable changes a lot over the year, this dialog will be for you.
Today is Monday but our school decided to use wednesdays timetable

Print preview customization
- now shows the font sizes on the fly also with number
How can I change the font sizes in aSc Substitutions
- you can specify what shall happen if certain text is bigger than his space
How can I force the program to automatically clip the texts or make the fonts smaller?

What’s new aSc TimeTables online 2012

Smartphone support
You can now use IPhone/Androind to view the timetable and substitution information or to input various data directly from your mobile.
Mobile version of Online Timetables

Attendance can now be inputted both from the web and smartphones. The teacher can input the attendance directly on the lesson, classteacher can approve or disapprove anytime later and school administrator can see statistics for the whole school.

How can I check, edit student's attendance?

New events:
There is now one unified function called Events that allows you:
Plan exams for students
Teacher can book exam for any class/subject, so that other teachers do not use the same date for important test/exams.
Create new lessons/meetings
You can create one time lesson or event and specify which teachers/classes shall attend it.
Room booking
Teacher can specify he would like to use certain room and if approved the other teachers will see that this room is already occupied.
School events

Better reports
The reporting component now allows for more complicated reports with custom designs.

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