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Using the substitution software is simple. Basically it can be boiled down to 3 steps:

Step 1.
Click here to add absent teachers/rooms or classes(groups).

Step 2.
Based on your timetable the software shows which lessons have to be covered/substituted. Click in the list to solve particular lesson.

Step 3.
The software shows you the possible teachers that can cover the selected lesson. Select one by double clicking on his/her row. The software shows the most suitable teachers a the top, but you can still pick one based on your judgement. If classrooms is absent, this list shows classrooms.

That's it.
Now you can print daily substitutions, monthly statitics or publish the substitution for online viewing.

Of course the software allows you to do much more, like keeping track of different reasons of absence or types of substitutions, covering room supervisions etc. But the above shows that the basic operation is fast, yet helpfull for your daily coverage planning.

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