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Each timetable file you upload to timetables online can be in one of these 3 states:

- Stored file
When you upload new timetable to Timetables Online, it will be in this state.
Timetables in this states are visible only to administrator.
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- Draft timetable
Once you send the timetable to teachers, it will change its state to "Draft timetable". Timetable in this state is visible to all teachers you have sent it to.
How can I send timetable to teachers

- Official timetable
Once you publish the timetable, it will become "Official timetable" for the school. This means that the timetable is actually used on the school. You can specify date range in which the timetable is valid, so you can have multiple official timetables during one school year. This timetable is visible to all visitors of the page - both teachers and public visitors (e.g. students/parents) and you can control which parts of the timetable are visible based on user type (teacher/public).
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User rights
The state of the timetable controls whether the timetable is visible to a visitor of the page and also which parts of the timetable are visible.
How can I customize how is timetable displayed in online timetable viewer?

Note: If you want to completely hide official timetables from public visitors of your page, simply uncheck all "Visible" check-boxes in corresponding dialog.

How to change the state manually
Typically you will change the state by using "Send" and "Publish" wizards. However if you need to change the state manually, you can do that with "Edit" icon in "Timetables" dialog.

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