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Student choices - Importance
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For each student's request you can specify the "importance" of this request. During the generation the software then makes sure that student receives the more important subjects while the lower important subjects might even be dropped.

You can set the importance for each individual request by right click:

Or you can set the importance to all requests of certain subject. Right click on one or more rows:

Note: To set the importance to ALL request right click on "All subjects".

Possible values:

Strict - the software has to place this. This selection cannot be relaxad.

High - it is important to place this, but in rare cases this can go unrealized. Note: most of the time if you see high importance picks unplaced it is usually because of some problem in the constraints.

Normal - shall be placed but can be relaxed more often than High.
Note: the generator may relax one high importance pick and assign 100 normal onces, instead of relaxing 100 normals just to place one high. Contrary, the generator will relax all the high and normal picks if it is needed to place one strict.

Low - same as above, just the software is more likely to relax low importance picks.

Optimize - the software doesn't care about these picks at all during the generation. Only after the timetable is completed, the generator tries to place these. No card or student pick is relaxed bacause of these. But since the software doesn't think about these picks in advance it may choose build a timetable in a way that will be very unfriendly for putting these picks at the very end.

Alternative - you need to go to student's dialog to specify this one. Basically this course selection is alternative to some other selection. In case the main selection is not possible to realize, the student gets this alternative one.

Disabled - the software doens't place these at all.

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