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At least one lesson per week has to be in certain classroom
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Let' say you have 2 classrooms for PE. You want the kids to be always in the BigGym room, but you know this is not possible. Some of the PE lessons need to be also in SmallGym room.

So you want to make sure that each kid is at least once per week in the best classroom.

1. First make sure you have defined all the Gym rooms as available to PE lessons. So that the software can choose any of them during the generation.

2. Add advanced cardrelationship like:

So min one PE lesson per week shall be in GymBig. Please note the "Apply to groups in selected classes". If you divide your PE lessons to groups Girls/Boys, this would guarantee the GymBig at least once for each group.
If you however just select "Apply to selected classes" the generator will only check if there one PE lesson per class, which will mean that only boys will be in BigGym.

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