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Without a license, Timetables Online operate in free version mode. To use full version of Timetables Online you need a valid license for each school year. 2 years are included in the price of aSc Timetables application. Further licenses are included in yearly maintenance fee (upgrade).

Without this license Timetables Online operate in free version mode that includes these functions:

- Publish one timetable (per school year)
- Publish substitutions
- Send timetable to teachers
- Send substitution messages to teachers
- Publish homeworks, exams, calendar
- Electronic noticeboard
- Reports (Only on screen. Actual printouts will contain watermark).
- Electronic class register, attendance
- HTML/Excel export of the timetables

These additional functions are available in full version of Timetables Online:

- Multiple timetables per school year (e.g. if there is a change of timetable in the middle of school year)
- Online storage for timetable files. You can use it as backup or for transferring timetable files between computers.
- Substitutions Online
- Reports (without watermark)
- Webcal calendar - import your timetable to iphone/google calendars.

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