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My lessons are not placed in classrooms/Adding classrooms into created timetable
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During the input you need to specify available rooms for each lessons. The generator then places a card only when one of the possible rooms is available. So in the generated timetable all lessons are placed in their rooms.

If you manually place a card into the timetable, the software again automatically selects one of the possible rooms.

However, it can happen that some cards placed in your timetable are placed without proper classroom assigned. There are three ways how this can happen:

- you have manually placed the card into the positition where none of the possible rooms is free(they are all used by some other, already placed cards). The software will then put the card into the timetable, but without assigning a classroom. It will show this with white stripe on the card, plus a grayed card is put into the list of unplaced cards to remind you the room is not assigned.

- if you have changed the room definition for some lessons that are already placed in the timetable, or you have removed classrooms completelly

- you have stopped the generator before finishing.

The above cases will leave some of your cards with white stripes:

What now?
1. You can manually choose classroom for each lesson by right clickin it:

2. You can assign all at once:

In both cases it may happen that you or the software will not be able to place all the cards.

For example: if you manually place 3 PE lessons on Monday 1st period, but you only have 2 PE classrooms, then you need to move the lessons.

So any times it is better to generate a new timetable than to manually fix the rooms.

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