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How to input Options - each student needs to select one course from Options1 and one from Options2
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For example students from classes 901,902,903 need to select:

One subject from:
AdvancedPhysics / Algebra / Poetry / Drama

and one subject from:
Portraits / Sculptures / Impressionism

Subjects from option 1 shall be scheduled at the same time.


There are two ways how to input the above options. One way is to input it as one big lesson with 4 teachers and second way as 4 lessons each with one teacher:

Solution 1:
The fastest solution is to create subjects named "Option1" and "Option2". Then create big lessons with all the teachers that teach subjects in Option1 and join all 3 classes. Use button "More teachers" and "Joint classes":

Make sure you also use button "More classrooms" because this lesson will in reality occupy more classrooms.

Solution 2:
This solution takes longer to input but has several advantages. First it is clear in the printouts which teacher is teaching what subject and in which room, second, if you are using Substitution software and certain teacher is missing, the software knows what and where has to be substituted.

To input this, you first need to divide your classes into groups:

You need to add one divistion for each option. If you reuse the groups from the same division, the software can mix the lessons from different options.
Use button "Copy" to copy the whole division to another classes.

Then you need to input 4 lessons for Option1, one for each subject that can be picked in Option1. Each time you pick one teacher, one subject, joint 4 groups from each class:

You can find the sample file with both ways used here:download here.

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