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F5 starts timetable generation
Space Bar shows timetable verification
CTLR-L - compare with last saved version

Numpad shortcuts:
+ zoom into the timetable
- zoom out
/ Fit Zoom
* Invert colors on the screen

Multiple week timetables:
Number 0 - show summary of all weeks
Numbers 1-8 - show week 1-8
Ctrl-0 show all weeks expanded

Mouse Shortcuts:
CTRL+LEFTCLICK - if the class is divided into groups, CtrlClick will pick all groups on this position. In case of clicking on the empty position CtrlClick will place all the groups. When working with divided lessons, this can be extermely usefull.
Note that this is sometimes not possible, since the complemetary teacher may not teach at that time.
SHIFT holding shift while moving card will show the time-off of the card below the cursor instead of the card you have in hand. So you can check where you can put the card below the cursor before you actually replace it with currect card on your hand.

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