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What's new in version 2014
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Dear users

Thank you again for the ongoing support and interest in aSc TimeTables.
This year we have focused mainly on helping you to find the possible problems in the timetable input. To help you find if any particular group of lessons or constraints doesn't prevent successful generation. Besides this we have made the generation faster, added new mobile application and new web features. Here is the list of main additions:

1. New feature Analyze by generation

This feature will help you to identify problems in your timetable by showing which cards the generator had the most problems to place. You can use it in case your timetable passes the test, that means the software is able to generate timetables for each individual class, teacher or room but it is not possible to generate the whole timetable.
See more:
Analyze the timetable by generation

2. New feature Analyze by extended tests
The basic test tries to generate single objects. But although if you can generate a timetable for each teacher alone, you may still not be able to generate a timetable for two teachers together. This new feature tries to help you with finding smaller subsets of your timetable that cannot be generated. It is then easier to find what the actual problem is, because you only deal with small part of your timetable. Also this feature not only finds sets of classes/rooms, but it tries also to eliminate constraints or time-offs. So it can tell you that for example certain two teachers cannot be generated together when you consider their time-offs. You will then know there is no problem with other constraints, just 2 teachers and their timeoffs.
Analyze the timetable by Extended tests

3. New feature Draft generation with relaxation
The draft generation was already present in previous versions, but now it also allows you to say that certain set of constraints can be relaxed instead of just turned on/off. Generate draft timetable

4. New feature - Native iPhone/iPad and Android application
This application will be available on the Google/iOS store in all countries soon. This is native application, so when you download timetable you no longer need internet connection to view it. If your school uses substitutions each teacher/student that has smartphone will receive automatic notification when the substitution was changed. You do not need to do anything, just publish the timetables and substitutions.

5. New feature Online Substitutions

The Substitution module has been ported to HTML version that can run in your browser from any place. You just need one password and you can do the substitution from any PC at school or home. Or any tablet that has internet access. The software operates the same way as the standalone aSc Substitutions application, you can decide which one you want to use.
Substitution online

6. EduPage
You can now build a full webpage around your published timetable. In fact nearly 10'000 schools are using EduPage as their main webpage. Not only for showing timetable & substitution, but also to post news, articles, photos. All wrapped in modern design that can be fully customized. Of course if you do not want, you can just use EduPage to publish timetables and put a link on your main school webpage.
How can I setup EduPage

7. Faster generator.
We have made many optimizations to the generation code. The generation is now 20%-100% depending on the timetable.

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