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What's new in version 2015
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Dear users

Thank you for your continuing interest and great feedback we receive from you. It is important for us to make the software better. The biggest change in this year’s release is the new timetable generator:

Self-modifying generator
When you start the generation of your timetable the software first checks your data, your lessons, your constraints and then in literally generates a low level processor code that is tailored to your timetable. You heard this right: the program that you download from the internet does not generate timetable. Instead it generates the code that will be the best for your actual timetable and then it runs this code. The result is 2x faster generation times comparing to previous year release!

Mobile application was greatly extended
The teachers can now input grades/curriculum into electronic class register. The application works offline, so is great for poor signal classrooms. The students can view homework or exam dates. Parents can view attendance, send electronic absence notes to teachers and much more.

The room supervision can now be defined separately for each week or term
When you define the room supervision while looking at certain week, the software will add room supervision only in that week. If you define it in “merged weeks” view, the supervision will be defined in all weeks:

Course groups for students based timetables
New feature “course groups” lets you group several courses into one entity. So for example when you have 4 students requesting Constitutional law and 2 Students requesting Political science you can tell the software to schedule both with the same teacher into the same room at the same time. Or you can use course groups to make sure certain course pairs are on the same period in different terms. Or tell the software that the groups of students shall be the same for two different courses.

Temporary lessons
You can now add lessons into the timetable by right clicking in teacher’s timetable. These lessons are printed, but when you generate new timetable the software can automatically remove them. This feature is ideal if you need to add some extra duties or preparation time to teachers after the generation and their count depends on the actual timetable.

New printout options
You can remove some lines or print the color in little triangle etc.

Mandatory substitutions
You can define that for example each teacher needs to have 20 mandatory substitutions per year. While picking the teachers for substitutions the software shows you the balance for each teacher.

And much more
Many subtle improvements to both web and PC/Mac part of the software were added. We are constantly trying to improve the software so if there is anything do not hesitate to contact us.

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