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Advisor - Overbooked class/teacher/room
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Sometimes it may happen that you defined more lessons per week for one teacher/room or class than you actually have positions per week.

This can be either a mistake in input, or misunderstanding of how the software interprets your input.

For example, this teacher has to teach 5 periods per week in 10 different classes. In total that is 50 lessons per week. However there are just 5 days each 7 periods. It is clearly not possible to teacher 50 periods per week. Either raise the amount of periods per day or change the contract of this teacher:

Another example:
This teacher teaches just 20 lessons per week, but they are double lesson, so in total she has 40 periods per week:

Do not forget to check the timeoff - teacher can have 10 periods, but only 5 free slots per week:

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