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Advisor - Different number of lessons for groups
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Let's have a look at this class:

Boys have 3 Physical education lessons per week, while girls have only 2. Of course this can be perfectly legitimate situation on some schools, but many times it is a mistake in data input and the advisor tries to warn you about this.

This was simple example. However, sometimes there are many groups, so it is worth to check this dialog. It shows how many lessons each group has:

Please remember that the software can only put lessons for the groups from the same line onto the same period. Thus if one group has 8 lessons and other groups in the same line have 0 lessons - you will need 8 slots where only one group is placed and rest of the kids have nothing to do.

This example shows not correctly defined lessons:

Since the software can put only lessons from the same division on one period, it cannot put "boys" and "women" together at the same period, although it was probably the intention.

The lessons had to be defined for "girls" so that the software knows these two lessons can be put into the same period.

- you can disable this warning in the advisor if it is ok on your school.

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