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Advisor - Teachers have many blocked days
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Many of your teachers have a full day blocked.

This of course may be legitimate request and the software can cope with this.

However many times if you block different teacher on different days, the timetable may become impossible to generate.

Very simple example.

Lets say you have small school with 2 classes 1.A and 1.B.

Each class has 5 Math, 5 English lessons, 4 Physical Education and one Painting. The Painting lesson is joined so both 1A and 1B have it on the same time.

By default the software is setup to put one lesson on each day, so on each day the kids will have one Math, one English and either PE or Painting lesson. The timetable will look like this:

Now the Physical education teachers - Arnold and Christiano are both busy men. Arnold cannot come on Mondays and Christiano on Fridays.

Suddenly there is a problem in the timetable. The only way how the timetable could be setup was to have these two at the same days.

Now the only solution the software has is to place two Math lessons onto the same day:

As we said earlier, the software by default thinks that if you have 5 lessons per week, then you want one on each day.

So to solve the above timetable, you will need to tell the software to accept that Math can be two times on the same day. If this is not acceptable at your school, you will need to convince the PE teachers to come on the same days. Or you might allow 4th periods.

Since the software cannot decide this for you - you need to tell the software what is acceptable solution on your school.

This was an easy example. In real life if you block many teachers on many days, the timetable can get so twisted you will have no idea what can be wrong.

In that case, try to unblock teachers' timeoffs that are not essential and try to allow the software to place the two periods on the same day if applicable on your school.

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