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What’s new in version 2017
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Draft generation
Draft generation was extended to better help you identify possible problems in your timetables. It is now possible to more precisely setup which constraints you want the draft generation to obey, ignore or relax. The constraints for teachers and classes were split into several constraints that can be turned off or on individually.

Extended tests
Now the extended tests can run different tests also on selections based on teachers. So if there is a group of several teachers that can create deadlock in your timetable, the extended tests can identify them.

The advisor was improved
The advisor can now detect several new potential problems in your timetable before the actual generation starts. The Advisor is now able to detect situations where you have fewer resources (teachers, rooms) to cover certain parts of the timetable then necessary.

New cardrelationships
A new cardrelationship requested by users was added: you can now specify that selected classes have to have at least one(or more) lessons at the same time. So if your Math teachers want to have lesson where they want to give the same exam to more classes or they want to perhaps mix the students, you can easily satisfy them.
Also new “apply to section numbers for each subject“ was added so that you do not need to add one constraint for each subject.

Course groups
The course group can now be defined for two sections of the same subject. So you can specify for example that the same teacher can teach section 1 and section 2 of one seminar at the same time. (when for example some students have 5 lessons per week and other students have just 4 lesson per week of the same subject)

Look and feel
You can now define special screen font color for each object to better distinguish between cards on the screen, select special format for how to print teacher’s name and you can now also define padding and alignment for design objects and texts in timetable cells.

Substitution module online
Over the last year, we have gradually improved the substitution online module. It includes more functions, more customization options and added better integration with events from EduPage.

Quick rooms assignment
You can right click on any card/lesson to quickly add/replace its classrooms. Also in view “classrooms” you can hold Shift and move the card to the row of any room – it will allow that lesson to be placed into that room.

Quick changes
Added more Quick changes. For example possibility to change single lessons into double lessons and reverse.

Mobile application
The teachers/students and parents are automatically notified when their timetables or substitution is changed. Also teachers are automatically notified about their substitution duties. The system now sends target push notifications - no need to send SMS or emails.

New EduPage modules:
By purchasing aSc TimeTables you get access to 2 years of EduPage. You can use it to track student’s attendance, input curriculum including teaching plans, input student grades and how they progress in various competencies. You can now use EduPage to let your students pick the courses they want to study next year:

Or you can also organize parent teacher meetings where you or your teachers define when they are available and then parent can book a visit. Various rules can be setup to make sure that each parent can talk to the teacher without any long waiting times:

Many small fixed and improvements were added and we will continue in improving the software further, so please feel free to tell us any suggestions or comments.

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