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=Differences between aSc Timetables Online and PC versions
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Programs aSc TimeTables Online and aSc TimeTables PC versions are compatible and most functions are available in both versions. But some functions are only available in the certain version.

Extra functions of aSc TimeTables Online
These functions are only available in the Online version:
- Simultaneous work of more users on the same file (changes are interactively shown to all users)
- TimeTable versions (system stores all the saved versions and you can come back to them at any time)

Functions unavailable in the Online version
These functions are yet not available in the Online version, but we gradually work on their addition based on the schools‘ interest:
- Editing of students‘ timetables/seminars (available are only viewing and print)
- The lesson grid
- Related timetables

Test version (beta)
TimeTables online is a new funkction that we began launching on EduPage in March 2017 in the test (beta) version. Should you find any flaws or imperfections, please write us at

You will find the function when you log in as Administrator in the left menu via Modify - Timetables and Substitution - aSc TimeTables online.

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