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What’s new in version 2019
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What’s new in aSc TimeTables 2019

1. Room’s now have priorities. For each lesson you can define Optimal, Normal, Bad and even Emergency classrooms:

The software by default tries to put as many rooms as possible into optimal classrooms, then it uses normal rooms. If this is not possible, bad rooms can be used. Putting the lessons into emergency classroom is considered as relaxing the original constraints – so the software will do it only after it was not able to finish the timetable by using better rooms for this lesson. It is also possible to define these rooms priorities for subjects.

2. After the generation is finished, the software tries to optimize the rooms in the final timetable once again.

3. Two new cardrelationships were added that allow you to even more precisely specify how you want the rooms allocated in the generated timetable:

3A. Max periods per week in emergency classrooms. With this you can try to limit the usage of the emergency classroom, using different apply to you can minimize the global usage of emergency classroom, or make sure that one teacher or one class is not affected more times per week.

3B. Min periods per week in optimal classroom. Same as previous you can make sure the generator puts each class at least once into the optimal room on each day.

4. When manually working with the timetable, the software indicates priorities of classrooms on the right click:

and shows usage of emergency classrooms directly on the card itself.

5. You can change the rooms even in the already generated timetable, you may want to change some optimal rooms to normal – perhaps to further make sure they are used more often. You can then press button “Assign rooms”. Previously this command only assigned the rooms to the cards that were not placed into the classroom yet. Now you also can allow the generator to change classrooms that were already assigned, this may create a better overall rooms assignment:

Of course, you can always use “improve timetable“ option that will try to improve the room usage without disrupting your timetable, or generate a new timetable from scratch – which may be more useful option if you made many changes in the rooms available for various lessons.

6. Advanced card relationship “Max periods per day” now has additional setting that specifies number of allowed exceptions. For example you can specify:
Teacher can have max 4 lessons per day - on 3 days per week. On other days he can have more lessons:

Teacher can teach max 5 lessons per day but only on 2 days per week (on all other days he shall have less lessons).
Teacher can teach max 5 lessons per day, but only twice in week

What is new in ASC Substitutions software

7. Substitutions online now offers a possibility to move the lesson of absent teacher to a different day:

If for example a teacher Fisher is absent, you may move his lesson to some other day so that he do not lose it.
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8. Substitution online also suggests swaps of lessons - you can swap Fisher's Tuesday lesson with Keat’s Wednesdays lesson – both teachers will teach their subject without changing students study times.

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9. Or you can move the lesson from Friday afternoon to be done instead of Brown’s original lesson.

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10. It is now possible to precisely specify if the teacher that is absent on part of the day – for example lessons 3,4 – if this teacher is available to do supervision duties before the 3rd period.

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11. Long time absences can now be solved in one step, the substitutions online suggest the best teacher that is available to cover most of the lessons of the absent teacher. Your kids will not have 10 different teachers covering one subject in their class.

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12. Substitutions online sends notifications about each change in the substitutions. You now have a special dialogbox to see/review all the messages it has sent to your teachers:

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13. Substitutions online now allow the absent teacher to sent instructions to the covering teachers, so that he knows what to do with his students. This way, even when the teacher is absent, his lessons are not lost. The students can still do relevant work. The absent teacher’s doesn’t need to scramble time at the end of the school year to finish all the required topics:

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14. Your teachers can use their mobile phone to request leave absences. They specify when they want/need to be out of school – your administrator can approve/reject the requests. If the request is approved- that teacher is automatically added to the substitutions online as absent.

Also the teacher is notified that his request was approved and can provide notes to the cover teachers what shall be done with the kids while he is out.
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15. It is now possible to do supervision substitutions:

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16. Substitutions online now support events. You can define short or multiday events. They will show up in school’s calendar and in the class registers of each teacher, all the participants will get notifications on their mobile phones. The person responsible for substitutions do not need to input this info again into the substitutions – like when and which teachers and classes are out – with one click on the even they can all be added to the substitutions.

17. Teachers can define their own lessons – eg some special few weeks afternoon activities. The substitutions can now substitute these also. If the teacher is out, you will see that the lesson needs to be cancelled or substituted.

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