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Cloud generator uses both your PC and our cloud servers to help you generate your timetable. The cloud generator is especially useful if you are not sure how to generate your timetable, what parameters to use or if you simply have a very complicated timetable. The cloud generator has generated many timetables and can use the gathered expertise also in generating your timetable.

How to use it? Simply press Start:

The cloud generator will immediately start working. It will show you how many timetables it has checked.

As soon as it finds the solution, it will stop and give you that timetable.

If however it takes longer or it finds some issues, it will report anything it finds into the same window:

Cloud generator in endless mode
Endless mode will instruct the cloud generator to work until it finds a solution - or until you stop the cloud generator. If you have time (overnight, weekend) use this option:

During the generation the cloud generator will show you the best timetables found so far. You can click on these at any time and to review them. This will not stop the generator, it will continue working.

The cloud generator will show you both the best timetable with relaxation allowed and without the relaxation allowed:

The cloud generator will stop as soon as it finds a solution with all lessons placed and no constraint relaxed. If you close it, it will offer you to save the best timetables found during the generation.

See also:
What to do after the generation relaxed some constraints?

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