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What’s new in version 2020
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Dear aSc TimeTables users

Here is a list of new features in version 2020

1. The generator got 10-20% faster depending on the actual timetable. Especially the longer generations the bigger benefit.

2. Multicore computers. The software uses all the available cores and in this version we have improved the communication between the cores to better utilize the power if your computer. By default the software uses 100% of the power of your PC. We have also added “optimal” setting. This setting will determine the best use of your computer resources while allowing you to still use your PC for other tasks.

3. Cloud generator. The new function cloud generator uses both the power of your computer and our servers in the cloud. This mode is especially useful for timetables where you do not know if they can be generated, what parameters and complexity to use etc. The cloud server will take care of this. It has some experience - collected from generating many different timetables and with this new feature we are trying to put this experience to work and help you with generating your timetable.

4. Endless mode. The cloud generator can also work in new endless mode. If you have hard timetable and time (overnight, weekend) you can let the cloud generator work and when you come back you will see the best result it has found.

5. Extended test was improved. It now has some more tests and the new version fixes couple of issues of the previous version.

6. Advisor can now detect several more fatal problems in your timetables. So that you do not generate the timetable with issues that will certainly prevent the successful generation.

7. TimeTables online. We are constantly improving the online version of aSc TimeTables – it now has more or less all the features that you can find in the windows version. See the list of additions here. For the small changes during the school year – the online version is much more convenient. No need to install it, accessible from anywhere, even your headmaster can use it. For small schools with easier timetable – again the online version might be more useful and practical.

8. Substitutions online. The substitution online is now the preferred way to do the substitutions. It already has more features than the windows version. Plus - it is much safer to use (automatic backups on more computers), you can immediately notify the teachers or students, more people can work at the same time, access from home or any pc in the school etc. See all the new features in the substitutions online here.

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