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What’s new in version 2022
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Cloud generator for timetables online is now available.

It is super convenient.
Open your timetable, specify how many computers shall work on it and then let it run. You can monitor the progress of the generation in your mobile phone:

You can enjoy spending your time with your kids or fiancé on the beach, while computers somewhere in datacenter will do your work faster.
It is faster
If you work on laptop - these usually have much slower processors then regular server processors.
It is cost effective
You can rent extra computers only for the time you need them. No need to purchase expensive PC that you will be fully using for just a few days per year.
It is clever
On the PC is up to you to decide what parameters will be used for each generation. When the generation finishes you need to decide what next. sometimes you even need to decide when to stop generation if it doesn't look promising . The cloud generator does all these decisions for you.

All the results.
The cloud generator provides you with all the results it has found during the work on your timetable. You can review them at any time.

Generator speed was improved in the PC version.
The speed was improved by up to 40% in most timetables. Also the default settings were changed for computers to better utilize the computers with 8 or more cores.

New cardrelationship
Max free days between cards per all weeks

Improved dialog for cardrelationships
Improved sorting of the cardrelationships and it is possible to put some background colors to keeps them in order. You can also test them separately or in groups, to see if they are giving required results.

Substitution online available on the mobile phone.
You can now do the full schools substitutions from your mobile phone. If you need to react fast, you can input absent teacher, specify the substitutions and publish the result.

The importance of constraints was made clearer.
If a constraint has multiple subconstraints, it is now clear what is the importance of each subconstraint, also the main list of constraints now shows the importance of the subconstraint that was relaxed. In previous versions it was shown as the importance of the highest subconstraint.

Other small improvements
For example:
Quick changes now available also for the unplaced cards.
The improvement dialog now shows the importance of the constraints.

See also:
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