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How can I sort teachers/classes/subjects/classrooms?
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You can use the two small buttons in the right-bottom corner of teachers/classes/subjects/classrooms list box to reorder items in the list.

Just click on the item you wish to reposition in the list and use the up/down arrows to move it to the desired position. For classes, teachers, and classrooms, this will also change the order of timetable rows on the main screen in Whole/Teachers/Classrooms views.

Another way how to reorder items in the list is to click on the column header. This will reorder the list based on that column. This way you can sort items e.g. by Name, or Short name, or any other column. However this sort is just temporary - you can cancel it and return to use the original order.

When the list is sorted by some column, small buttons at the right-bottom change to lock (key) and cancel (cross) buttons:

With the lock button you can make the current (temporary) sorting permanent. Using the cancel button you can cancel the temporary sort order of the list items and return to the original (permanent) order.

1. Temporary sort will not change order of items in Whole/Teachers/Classrooms timetable views.

2. If you want to sort items in descending order, click on the same column header twice.

3. With Ctrl + click on a column header you can sort by multiple columns.

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