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Distribution of subject over the week
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By default, program tries to distribute subject in class's timetable equaly over the week.

This default rules are like:
1. If it is possible, program will put cards of subject on different days.

2. If number of cards of subject is more than number of days (e.g. 8 single lessons and 5 days), it will distribute it so that number of periods with this subject per day is nearly equal for every day (in our example of 8 lessons, it will require 1 or 2 lessons per day).

3.If subject is 2 or 3 times per week, it can not be on consecutive days (you can configure this in menu - Timetable/Parameters).

If you do not want the above default behaviour, there are two options to modify it:

Option 1:
In Subject/Constraints you can specify the default distribution for the subject. Move the slider to the left to allow the software to put two lesson on one day:

Option 2:
You can also create customized distribution, where you can specify exactly on how many days the student can be. Using this way also allows you to specify that two single lessons on one day shall be placed consecutively.

Go to menu Specification/Card relationships/Add, then select subject(s) and class(es). Then choose "Card distribution over the week" and click on "Settings":

The settings dialog looks like:

You can check any combination for options for the selected subject/teachers lessons. When checking the checkboxes, the pictures shows you what will be acceptable and what will be unacceptable for the generator.

For example you can check this case:
I want to have 1+1+1+2 OR 1+2+2 lessons per week.

A few more notes:

- With "Use above settings only for..." you can filter classes in which is this distribution applied. This way you can e.g. create distribution for classes that have 4 Math lessons per week without need to select those classes in previous dialog.

- "Distribution of the group of cards of the listed subjects" can be used to distribute e.g. "Biology" and "Biology lab" subjects together, so it will consider them as the same subject (and will not place them on the same day or consecutive days, e.g.).

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