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Teachers' windows in timetable
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In many schools teachers complain about windows in their timetable - gaps, where they have to stay in school having no lesson and they can't leave because they have some lessons later.

Default value for all teachers: You can limit total number of windows of teacher per week in menu Timetable/Parameters.

If the windows/gaps are no problem on your school it is advised to turn this option off.

Custom values per teacher can be set in menu - Teachers-select Teacher/Constraints:

This option can be sometimes disabled. You have to turn it on in menu - Timetable/Parameters.

You can also limit number of windows per day with checkboxes in teachers' details. By that you will specify that the teacher may have at maximum of 2 windows per day. Although you specify that the teacher may have 6 windows per week, the program will prevent, for example, 5 windows one day and 1 window another one. For some easy schedules you can also specify that the teacher can have maximum of one window per day using the second checkbox.

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