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How to start a new school year? How to specify a start of the school year?
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The substitution keeps data for one school year (365 days). So at the start of each school year, you shall initialize it for the next school year:

This will erase the date from previous school year, but you can find those in backup.

The next time you want to add missing teacher the software will ask you for the new timetable for the next school year.


In version 2010 or before:

Click on the diskette icon and click start a new school year:

Now you have to specify which timetable is valid for this new year. Click the green plus icon in the left top corner. Adding the first timetable will also ask you when the school year starts at your school:

aSc Substitution is yearly based so it will always initialize to one school year.

If you want to keep last years data you can backup them using the buttons in the same dialog.

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