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What is shared classroom?
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Shared classrooms and home classrooms are only shortcuts to make your data input easier.

When inputting classrooms, you can specify that some of them are 'Shared rooms' or 'Home classrooms' for certain classes:

Later when you are inputting lessons you can specify that this lesson will be located in one of classrooms marked as shared. So you do not need to specify all these rooms, but rather with one click specify all the possible rooms.

For example the English lesson is divided into two groups, the first group stays in home classroom and second goes to any room marked as shared:

For specific lessons like physical education you will not use home classrooms or shared rooms but rather specify the exact room(s):

Important: the software will use ONE of the specified rooms. So if you say this lesson can be in shared classroom or in GR502 or in GR504 the software can use one of the shared classrooms or GR502 or GR504.

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