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How to combine lessons of two divisions of class on one position?
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It is appropriate in some situations at your school to combine lessons of different divisions on one position. For example, let's have a class where students for Math divide in two groups (M1/M2) and for Spanish language they divide in 3 groups (S1/S2/S3) and content of education is the same in all groups. In such case we can decide to put some students from group M1 in to group S1, some students from group M2 to group S3 and the rest of the students of M1 and M2 we will put in group S2. This way we have provided that students from group M1 and S3 do not overlap so hypothetically particular cards could go on one position (similarly M2 and S1 also).

The problem is that program will not allow us to put these cards on one position because these cards are from different divisions. How to solve this situation?

Basically there are two options:

1st option - to create a combined division

Instead of two divisions M1/M2 and S1/S2/S3 we will create one combined division: M1S1/M1S2/M2S2/M2S3. This way in group MxSy there is an intersection of students of group Mx and Sx. Please see this picture:

Then we will specify lesson for M1 as a joined lesson of group M1S1 and M1S2 (with key "joined classes"). Similarly we will specify M2 as M2S2+M2S3 and S2 as M1S2+M2S2. Group S1 is identical with group M1S1 and group S3 is identical with M2S3. This way we achieve that program lets us to combine S1 with M2 and S3 with M1 on one position.

2nd option - to use Seminars

This option is a little bit more complicated and it is necessary to enter list of students into program but advantage is that this way you can solve even very complicated situations.

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