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Assign lessons to classrooms
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Question: How to assign lessons to classrooms? Our school has a limited number of classrooms and we need to check classroom availability during timetable creation.

1. First, you have to input classrooms.

Go to menu Specification/Classrooms. Here you have to input all the classrooms available at your school. For each classroom you can specify whether it is a shared classroom or a home classroom (see below).

2. Second step is to specify the available classrooms for every lesson.

You can specify the available classrooms for the lesson in the Lesson editing dialog. The bottom part of this dialog allows you to specify classrooms:

You can select the rooms individually - or you can use the 4 check boxes for Home classroom, Shared room, Teacher's classroom and Subject classroom.

These check boxes allow you to quickly select the predefined rooms. E.g. for physical education you will check "subject's classroom" so that you do not need to pick 3 different gym rooms each time.
If you check more check boxes - the software will simply combine rooms from the selected entries.

In the end - each lesson will have it's own list of "available classrooms". Then - during the generation or while manually moving the lessons in the timetable - the software will assign the card into one of these lessons.

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