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What are seminar/course lessons for?
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Seminars are special lessons, where you can exactly specify which students attend this lesson. Program will then check collisions between lessons according to assignment of students to seminars. This is different against ordinary lessons, where students are defined using groups/divisions.

In most cases when inputting lessons it is enough to use groups, like Boys/Girls or 1.group/2.group. This way you will avoid needing to input all students in the program and assigning them to lessons.

However, in some more complicated cases, you will need to input lessons as seminars. This is especially true for optional subjects, where students choose, which subjects they will attend from list of available subjects. This kind of situation can be handled by groups if students pick just one subject from the list, but in case they can pick two or more, situation can be so complicated that you will need to use seminars.

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