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How to input seminar lessons
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Inputting of seminar lessons is very easy. You input them exactly the same way as ordinary lessons, only in field "Group" you have to choose "Seminar". Seminar lessons joined from multiple classes are inputted the same way as ordinary joined classes (with "Joint classes" button), only you have to choose "Seminar" as group for all classes:

Seminar groups
Special situation is when you have two seminar lessons from same subject in one class. Program understands this as that these two lessons are equal. If student attends this subject, it does not matter to which from these two lessons will he belong (but he can belong to only one). This is used usually when many students want to attend one subject, so they need to be divided into groups.

For example the following picture defines that there are two groups of mathematics seminar. One can be attended by students from 4A another from students from 4A/4B/4C/4D: Later you will have a possibility for each student to pic one, or the software can assign them for you:

After you have inputted seminar lessons, you have to assign students to seminars. See:

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