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Working with Seminar lessons in your timetable.
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Working with the seminar cards in your timetables is very similar to the regular cards but there are few differences:

The first difference is in the way of displaying the cards. Seminar cards are shown as a horizontal stripes within the row of class.

In most of the cases lesson is displyed as one horizontal stripe but in some cases it is shown as more stripes, for example as lesson SPS on the picture is shown as two stripes. These stripes are not accidental, they are distributed in such way so it is clear from the first look which seminar lessons can go together. If the stripes of 2 seminars "fit in" it means that lessons may go together on the same position and if they do not fit in then it means that there is at least one student visiting both seminars and so these seminars can not be at the same time. For example, as you may see on the picture that it is possible to move lesson SPS to previous lesson but not to next one, because lessons INF and SED stand in the way.

Tip: It is very usefull to use CTRL-click while working with the seminars. It moves all group together.

Another difference when working with seminar lessons is that when you try to place the seminar lesson manually to some position where there is already some other seminar, it can activate Function "Rearranging students in seminar groups

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