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Function "Rearranging students in seminar groups
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This function is activated when you try to place some seminar card to position where already some seminar cards are placed and the only reason why it is not possible to place card to this position is that some students belonging to this seminar have education at this time. Function will be displayed at the bottom of menu showing collisions when placing the card:

If you do not have seminar groups(the same subject taught by more teachers) then the software cannot reaarange anything and this option is grayed.

If you activate this function then program will let you place card to this position and meanwhile will rearrange students in seminar groups to avoid collisions. Program rearranges students just between so called seminar groups - seminars where there is more lessons of the same seminar subject. Program will never "sign out" student from some subject neither sign him as a new student. Program also considers locked choices of seminar groups for student (scratched circles in Seminars dialogue).

At the same time program tries to keep same number of students in partuicular seminar groups of same subject. This is a very important criteria because number of students in group influences education quality and you don't want to have big differences within one class.
It is possible to set limits what maximum difference from optimal number of students in group is allowed. This setting is available in Seminar dialog in check box "Advanced". There are two limits - when program warns you only about big differences (standard 10%) and limit when program will not even offer you such a bad solution (standard 30%).

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