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Lesson requires more classrooms
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Some of my lessons require more classrooms.

Example 1: I have "Hand work" lesson, where are joined 2 classes with 2 teachers, but I need them to be allocated into two classrooms.

Example 2: I have only one gym room. But this one is big enough so in most cases it allocates two classes. So I divided this gym room to GymA and GymB. However there are some classes that have many boys and they require both A and B Sections.

Solution: When defining lesson you can use "More classrooms" button:

The above picture requires algorithm to allocate two classrooms. First will be either homeclassroom (so 5A or 5B homeclassrooms), or S106, or S107. Second will be either homeclassroom again, or classroom S110.

When editing the timetable manually you can see this in the classrooms pop up menu:

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