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Import students' course(seminar) selections from clipboard(Excel) - Method 2
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Instead of manually inputting it is possible to import the students and their seminar choices from program MS Excel. Just select your excel data and copy them to the clipboard.

Data for import must be exactly in this format.
Take care to stay in the correct structure of the first three columns (the third column must be empty).
Use the exact names of objects and classes as specified in the program.
If you are using more groups in the seminar, the number 1 and 2 specifies the group of your students in this seminar.

Then you can press button Import in menu Specification/Seminars:


You can click the column header to specify that the column holds student names or class names in case the software hasn't autodetected them correctly.

The software will even add subjects, classes in case they are not yet inputted in the software.

You may find a sample table also here.

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