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Importing from Clipboard (MS Excel)
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Import from clipboard is useful tool which you can use to import your data from almost any other program.

These steps will describe how to transfer data from MS Excel but same method can be used with other programs too.

(If you are building student based timetable check this article:
Import sections from clipboard(Excel) )

In this article we will show how to import data from this excel file into aSc TimeTables. Please note that this file contains all the information, your file may contain only subjects, or only teachers.

1. Open aSc TimeTables and create a blank document.

2. In MS Excel select the first sheet with classes and copy in to the clipboard(CTRL-C or menu edit/Copy)

3. Switch to the TimeTables and choose menu File/Import/Import from Clipboard

4. Dialog shows up that shows the selected data in the list. If the list is empty then you have not copied the data into cliboard so return to Excel and copy them as in step 2.

5. Select 'Lessons' in the upper combobox, because we want to import the lessons first.

6. Check the checkbox "First row contains column headers" or click on each column header and specify what the column means.

7. Once you have specified a meaning for each column, click the buttom 'Import'.

Note that the software will create also teachers, classes, subjects if they are not yet in the timetable.
Alternativelly you can use the same steps as described above and import teachers or classes before lessons. This way you will be able to specify name and also short name for each object. Then later when importing lessons the software will not create new teachers, but will use the onces you imported previously.

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