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Our timetable has changed during the school year. How to tell it to the substitution software?
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Simply add a new timetable to the substitution:

The proces is the same as adding a first timetable.

There are only 2 more options this time:

1. You can specify time from which this new timetable is valid and will be used at your school. You specify only start date. If you want to have this new timetable valid for one week only, then simply add this new and then add again the previous one, each with its starting date.

2. Copy the duties and time-off: for each teacher you can specify duties and timeoff in Substitution software. When adding a new timetable you can say that you want these duties and timeoff are the same as it was before, or that you want to define them newly. If the new timetable is completely different then it doesn't make sense to keep the previous information, if it is only slightly changed then you can reuse the previous duties so that you do not need to input them once again.

Click OK and you will see your new timetable in the substitution:

You can add absences and do the substitutions for any date. However now the software will know for each date, which timetable shall be used to calculate substitutions.

- if you specify new timetable will be valid from 11th November then all the substitutions later then 11th November will be deleted. The data before 11th November will be untouched.
- After adding the timetable the software will check and may show you some messages. For example it will tell you that the new timetable has some more teacher's or that some teacher's are missing.

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