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What do the colors in lesson grid mean?
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Here is description of how various types of lessons are displayed in the grid:

1) If cell in the grid is light gray, it means that subject in column is taught in corresponding Class. Number in the cell shows number of periods per week. Colored strip on the left side shows teacher's color.

2) If Class is divided into groups for a subject, corresponding cell will be divided horizontaly.

3) It is possible that only part of a class (e.g. Group 1) has this subject (other part might have some other subject displayed in different column). In this case only part of cell is light gray. Notice * before number - it denotes that displayed number of periods per week is only for part of students and not for all students in the class.

4) Black vertical line shows that two classes are joined together for subject.

5) This is combination of situations from points 2+3+4.

6) In case there is no teacher yet assigned to the subject, it is shown in pink color.

7) You can select cell by clicking on it. Press Ctrl and click to select multiple cells. You can also press Shift and click to select sequence of cells in the same column. (you can also use keyboard to select cells - arrow keys and shift key)

8) Panel at top shows more details about selected cell/cells. This is also place where you can make changes to selected subject in Class.

9) You can see total number of periods for class in last column (not visible on this screenshot).

10) If there is a card relationship defined for lessons in the cell, it is indicated by colored lower right corner (not seen on this screenshot). Colors mean:

- blue - Card distribution over the week.
- orange - Reserve space for selected subjects.
- green - Other card relationship types.
- grey - Card relationship is disabled.

Tip: You can also use letters to specify the teacher. For example if you press 2 and then M in the empty field, you will add a lesson for teacher Morgan that is 2times per week.

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