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Basic editing options in the lesson grid are available through the upper panel:

1) This part shows info about the selection - class and subject (or multiple classes and subjects in case there are multiple cells selected in the grid)

2) Here you can input the lesson count. Click on this field, type a number and press Enter to confirm your input.

Note: You can also type the lesson count without clicking on this field. Just select a cell in the grid and type the number on the keyboard (in this case you don't need to press enter). See: Count per week - format

3) Here you can select the teacher for the subject. In the case on the picture, the class is divided into two groups for this subject, so there are two fields here - one for each group.

When you click on this field, you will see the list of teachers from which you can pick the right one. In this list you can see the total number of already assigned lessons to the teacher. The currently selected teacher for this subject is shown with the grey color.

Note: You can also choose the teacher without clicking on this field. Just select a cell in the grid and press the first letter from his name on the keyboard (a-z). It will select the first teacher with a name starting with this letter. Press the letter again to select the second teacher, etc.

4) This shows the group names in the case when the class is divided into groups for this subject. You can uncheck one of the checkboxes if this subject should be only for one group.

5) More options can be found by clicking on this button. See: Editing lesson - Options

Note: If you have multiple cells selected, some fields/options in the upper panel may be unavailable depending on the selected combination.

See also: What do the colors in lesson grid mean?

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