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Editing lesson - Options
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These options can be accessed by Options button in upper panel of lesson grid, or by right clicking on cell:

The list of available options depends on the lesson you are editing:

Lessons - Show lessons in this cell in standard class lessons dialog. (you can do the same by double clicking on cell in grid).

Divide class into groups - This will divide class into groups for this subject. You can choose from one of existing (or predefined) divisions, or create new division with "Add division..." option.

Cancel division - This will remove division for this subject, so lesson will be for whole class.

Change division - With this option you can change division of already divided subject. For example you can change subject divided to "Group 1/Group2" division to "English 1/English 2".

Joint classes - This option is available if you select more cells from the same column (=multiple classes from the same subject). It will join these classes to single lesson.

Split joined classes - This will split previously joined classes.

Classrooms - You can set available classrooms in this sub-menu.

Remove - Remove all lessons in cell.

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