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Each class can have any number of divisions. Each division can divide the Class into unlimited number of groups:

When creating a lesson, you always specify a group for this lesson. For example Physical education - 2 times per week for the group Boys. Or English lesson - 3 times per week for the group Advanced. Or Math - 3 times per week for the Whole class, since the Whole class is also a group.

The program will automatically create these initial divisions for a new class:

Division 1: 1st Group / 2nd Group
Division 2: Boys / Girls

Lessons for groups in one division can be taught simultaneously.

It means that if, for example, group 'Boys' have a lesson at a certain time, only lessons for 'Girls' can run simultaneously with it. Lessons for the '1st group' can't be taught at that time (because probably there are some boys in the '1st group').

You can also create other divisions, e.g. divisions consisting of 3 groups according to the skill level or other criteria:

Division 3: 1st Third / 2nd Third / 3rd Third
Division 4: Beginners / Intermediate
Division 5: English students / German students

Again lessons for the '1st Third', the '2nd Third' and the '3rd Third' can be taught simultaneously. But a '1st Third' lesson can't be taught at the same time as Beginners or Intermediate lessons.

The dialog shows the divisions for a specific class. Each line represents one division, in which all groups are entered. Divisions can be changed by clicking on Edit or by double-clicking on a line in the dialog Define divisions.

It is also possible to add a new division by clicking on Add division. In both cases a dialog will appear inside which you can enter the names of individual groups.

Type in the group names on respective lines. After you click on OK, the program will select filled in lines and it will interpret them as names of new groups.

It is possible to delete whole divisions. In that case all lessons that are assigned to these divisions will also be deleted. If you edit division group names and you don't change the number of groups in the given division, everything will be preserved. Thus you can correct spelling mistakes or modify group names in the division.

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