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After you click on the button Constrains… the following dialog will appear:

In this dialog you can:

1. Set the education block. You can allow the class to arrive on second lessons (students will stay at home during the 1st period). For the more advanced options you can use the button Advanced. See: Education block - allow some classes to come later or to leave school later.

2. Enter the maximum allowed number of lessons per day that require preparation. See: Homework preparation

3. Decide if the groups of students have to finish the day at the same time. See: Both groups have to finish the education at the same time!

4. Allow the time for Lunch. See: How to specify when a class can have a lunch?

5. Set maximum allowed number of lessons on question marked positions, i.e. the maximum number of lessons that can be placed in positions marked with the "?" in Time-off. See: How to specify that class can have max one 7th lesson or max one 0lesson?

6. You can set that the Class teacher must teach the class in a specific time during the week. See: Our class teachers always have to teach the 1st lesson

Note: You can input these options anytime during the schedule creation process. So for a start you can ignore them and maybe later when you are fine-tuning your schedule you can input more conditions.

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