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What is room supervision and how to input it?
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On some schools, children need to be supervised by some teacher during break times in some areas of the school (e.g. halls, or yard). aSc Timetables offers you a set of functions to handle this situation.

How to input room supervision?

First, you have to input areas (rooms) where supervision has to be done. You input these areas as ordinary classrooms, but you have to select checkbox 1 in Classroom dialog:

It is also recommended, that you will input nearby classrooms 2 of this area. This information is helpful during assigning of teachers for supervision - it is better to choose teacher which was teaching lesson in some nearby classroom before or after supervision time.

Next step is to define supervision times. You can do this in special "Room supervision" view (menu View/Choose/Room supervision).

In this view you will see only classrooms where you have checked "Room supervision" in classroom dialog:

Note: Room supervision view is visible only when you have defined some classrooms that need room supervision.

You can add supervision time by clicking on desired position. You can add supervision during break time between lessons 1 or during ordinary lesson time 2.

Initially, there will be no teacher assigned for supervision, so it will be shown as grey square with question mark in it 3. After you will assign teacher to supervision time, it will be shown as square with teachers color 4.

Next step is to assign teachers to supervision times: Choosing teachers for room supervision.

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