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Choosing teachers for room supervision.
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You can choose teacher for room supervision by clicking on supervision time in "Room supervision" view (menu View/Choose/Room supervision):

Popup menu will show all teachers available for supervision during this time. Teachers are sorted, so that best teachers to do supervision on this time are shown first. Colored squares 1 give you information about teacher's lessons before and after this supervision time. Green color means that teacher is teaching in nearby classroom, blue square that he is teaching in some other classroom. Left square is for lesson before and right square for lesson after. Red square 2 means that teacher is doing supervision in some other room at this time. Numbers after teacher's name show how much supervision has this teacher already assigned (minutes/count).

When you move mouse over teachers in this popup menu, you will see teacher's timetable in preview rows area 3. This timetable shows in which classroom is teacher teaching. It also shows when is teacher doing supervision in this room 4, in some other room 5, and position where you are currently assigning supervision 6.

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