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Multiprocessor generation (dual-core...)
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Some of modern PC computers contain special kind of processor called DUAL-CORE processor (or multi-core). Processor is central part of computer that does most of the computation. In case of dual-core processor computer, this processor "contains" two separate processors inside, so it is theoretically capable to do twice as much work in parallel.

Generator in aSc Timetables is capable to utilize this additional computing power. All you have to do is leave checkbox "Enable multiprocessor generator" 1 checked.

This checkbox is visible only on dual-core (multicore, or multi-cpu) computers and is checked by default.

From our measurements, multiprocessor generator on dual-core computer runs cca 50% faster than single processor version.

When to disable multiprocessor generation

In some cases it is not practical to use multiprocessor generator:

- if you are doing some computation intensive work on your computer while generating timetable
- if you are generating two timetables in two separate windows

In these cases it is recommended that you will turn off multiprocessor generator.

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