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Working with timetable - general information
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The main aSc TimeTables screen consists of several parts:

1 - Menu - contains commands for program control.
2 - Toolbar - keys for quick selection of the most frequently used commands.
3 - The timetable contains cards, each cell is representing individual lessons.
4 - Row headers. Click here to select the class, right click to show class's options.
5 - The control panel contains information about current operations as well as lists of unplaced cards.
6 - Brief info about the card under the cursor.
Classes are displayed in rows, days and periods in columns.
The timetable contains colored cards representing individual lessons. The color of a card indicates the teacher who teaches the particular lesson.

Split lessons are displayed with a card of half size, lessons divided into three groups with third size, etc.

It means if we define by entered data that the teacher Mr. Henry teaches mathematics three times a week in the 1A class, the program will prepare three identical cards for the 1A class indicated as Mathematics and with the color assigned to Mr. Henry.

Cards are placed in the timetable according to how the program generates them or how they are placed manually. You can generate a timetable and subsequently, if necessary, change it by moving cards with the mouse.

You can change the lessons, teachers, classes at any time.

Before you look at that how it is possible to change a timetable manually, here is a description of the Control Panel:
Control panel

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