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If you know that a lesson must be taught at a specific time, i.e. its card must be in a particular place, you can lock the card in that place by clicking on it with right mouse button. The locked card has a small stripe in the rightbottom corner:

Locking has two advantages:
- the position of the card will not be changed when you are manually moving the cards;
- the generator does not move locked cards.

However please note that locking cards is generally not a good idea. Locking a card on an unlucky position can prevent your timetable from being finished. If there are at least two ways how to place some card, then it is better to explain the generator where the cards might go.

You can lock/unlock cards either by using the commands from the Timetable menu, or individually, by means of the right mouse button on the card, row header or column header.

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