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Moving the cards manually
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As already mentioned, you can change the timetable by simple movements of cards. Of course, the program checks for collisions of classes, teachers and classrooms.

Procedure for moving a card:

1. Click on the card with the mouse and “pick it”. Now move the card with the mouse:

You can click also on a card located in the bottom panel of not placed cards.

The class the card belongs to is displayed in green. The program will not allow you to place it in another row.

Column headers can have this colors::
A. Green indicates it is O.K.;
B. Red means occupied position (the position in which the teacher is assigned somewhere else),
C. Blue means question-marked position;
D. Grey means fully inappropriate position(time-off).

2. Place the card by clicking on the desired position.

When you place the card, the program will automatically assign an available classroom to the lesson from the list of available classrooms. If you place the card in a position in which no classroom is available, the program will accept it, but it will display a white stripe on the left edge of the card to symbolize that no classroom has been assigned to the card.

Similarly, the program will allow you to place a card in a not allowed position as well. But it will warn you by a red stripe on the card. It’s up to you whether you want to have the card in the position or not.

In case of collision the software either switches the cards, or shows you this popup in case of more cards are colliding:

You can select the action to resolve the colision. If you select another card from this popup menu, the original card is placed and you continue with the selected card.

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