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Synchronization with database
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aSc Timetables can synchronize (import or export) its data with database of some partner school administration software (or other timetable files). Please contact us at info@asc.sk if your school administration software can not communicate with aSc Timetables.

Following dialog may be displayed during synchronization of aSc Timetables data with database:

Note: This dialog might be shown several times during synchronization for different object types (e.g. for teachers, students, groups, ...)

Dialog shows differences between data (teachers, classes, etc...) in aSc Timetables and database. Left list 1 shows data in database that is not in aSc Timetables, or that is in aSc Timetables, but is somehow different (e.g. different name, short name, etc...). Right list 2 shows data that is only in aSc Timetables, or that is different in aSc Timetables than in database. Your task here is to review or change actions 8 for each row in both lists. You can do this by clicking on buttons below. Buttons 3 will change action in database list 1 and buttons 4 in aSc Timetables list 2. Buttons 5 apply for both lists (you need to select one object in each list).

Here are meanings of various actions.

Add - This action will add object to other side (e.g. add new teacher from database to aSc Timetables, or vice-versa).
Delete - This action will remove selected object (e.g. remove some obsolete classroom).
Ignore - Do nothing with this object.

Link - This is special action tells that selected object in list 1 is the same as selected object in list 2. This will link both objects together.

Note: Some actions might be unvailable in certaing situations. For example if this dialog is shown during some import, you will not be able to fill "Delete" action in list 1, because import is not allowed to modify database.

By default, program will pre-fill following actions:
"Link" for object for which it has found corresponding object on other side (based on name or internal database identifier). "Add" for all other objects in database and "Ignore" for rest of objects in aSc Timetables.

When you are finished with filling of actions, click OK 6 and program will carry these actions for you. You may also click on "Skip" 7 to skip this synchronization step and proceed with other object type (e.g. if you wish to import only lessons, click skip until you get to list of lessons).

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